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"You have great taste in music (I just ended up here by chance and browsed [through a lot because midterms]) but you seem like a sincere and nice person. So please do have a good day filled with good music. The weather has been lovely in SoCal lately :3"
From: Anonymous

I just got home from work and saw this and this just made my day so much better, thank you so much. Good luck with your midterms, anon! xoxo

"Woman (reading)" by La Dispute
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"22, 44, 56, 57, 109, 148"
From: Anonymous

Where would I like to travel: I’d like to go somewhere up north, like Canada or Iceland, idk. I’d also like to go back to the east coast, but I’m doing that this summer so ya. Honestly, I haven’t put much thought into this.

Outerspace or bottom of the ocean: Space for sure, I’ve been watching Cosmos and now that is my dream. Plus the ocean scares me.

Favorite color: Green or like teal/aqua

Favorite food: Probably greek yogurt or peanut butter sandwiches

Is something irritating me right now: I feel like something is always irritating me. My biggest source of irritation right now is probably just an accumulation of small things though.

Favorite quote: As of right now it is 

"And God said “Love Your Enemy,” and I obeyed him and loved myself."
— Khalil Gibran
From: Anonymous

Kind of people I’m attracted to: Someone with a good taste in music (super important), in relatively good shape (I don’t need them to be like super models, but someone that runs or is conscious about physical health is important), understanding bc I can be very shitty at times, and just overall willing to put forth a good effort into what they do.

Do I think I’ll be in a relationship 2 months from now: Honestly, no. I feel like every female in my life is uninterested and I’ve always been pretty aloof when it comes to meeting new people.

Who from the opposite gender is on my mind: No one at the moment, which feels odd. There were a couple but I sort of got over it because it wasn’t going to happen (thank god though, being hung up over someone sux)

Does talking about sex make me uncomfortable: Kinda. I mean the farthest I’ve gone before is kissing someone, I am still an innocent child.

Last person I had a deep conversation with: Shit, I don’t think I’ve had any deep conversations (or conversation in general) in a while. Over the weekend I did get to see a couple of the guys from cross country though, so Nick and Michael, I guess.

My last text: You’re welcome (sent to my mom)

5 favorite songs right now:

Sunbather by Deafheaven

Woman (Reading) by La Dispute

Sofisticated Fuck Princess Leave Me Alone by Carissa’s Wierd

Swing Sets by Moving Mountains

Take On Me covered by Cap’n Jazz